Bilingual units in Montessori primary school in Boguchwała were founded in response of social need of the local environment that keeps on searching for an attractive educational offer. Bilingual classes are conducted in grade 7 and 8. Parents can now choose for their children the best educational path leading to the Bilingual High School and in the future to a IB course (International Baccalaureate).

In bilingual teaching lessons are conducted both in Polish and in English. The curriculum also includes an extended number of English lessons. The benefits of bilingual teaching are numerous. Among them is the knowledge of English language at a high level. What is more, at least three subjects are taught in English which gives students the chance to develop their language competence in different fields, e.g. mathematics or science. Also, English is used in many other situations outside the classroom e.g. school trips, events and activities which is a perfect opportunity to use students’ knowledge in practice.

English is introduced gradually in bilingual subjects. Teachers adjust the level of English to the students’ abilities. Moreover, bilingual subjects are conducted in an increased number of hours a week. This makes it easier for students to fully understand the subject and the language.

Head office of grades 7 and 8 is situated in an extraordinary place – the 18th century Lubomirsky Palace located far from hustle and bustle as well as dangers of the busy roads, in a complex of a romantic park surrounded by   monumental   stone fence. The surrounding allows children and teenagers provide secure, comfortable and harmoniously favorable conditions to their school stay as well as  their development.

Pałac Lubomirskich w Boguchwale

The school is provided with wireless access to broadband Internet as well as office appliances, multimedia and modern educational aids such as: laptop computers, printers, copying machines with  transmission functions, interactive boards, multimedia projectors, sets of whiteboards, posters, overheads viewgraphs,  artificial models, biology samples, top class microscopes, chemistry  and physics’  sets & other instruments  etc. The school library has a collection of course books, reference books  encyclopedias,  compendium, dictionaries and many more crucial books necessary to the educational process.

Nowadays, a foreign language is necessary in education as well as in a professional career. Scientific research show that bilingual teaching is very attractive to students. They are immersed in the language. Being bilingual is an advantage while applying to many universities, including those abroad, as well as in the future career.


1. Educational care of High School with bilingual units in Boguchwała guarantees an education at the highest standards on the basis of modern technology usage in education.

2. School Educational Schedule expects realization of the material in the scope of the cross-border of the core curriculum  which possible thanks to professional faculty of academic and High School teachers.

3. In the times of constantly developing globalization of information civilization and developing sphere of human mind, School is going to teach all possible modern, wise and useful techniques to use any information sources, especially with their digital media devices.

4. Classes partake in well-equipped class-laboratories with an access to the Internet, beamers and dual- inter active write boards.  Students can also use a library provided with monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, course books and English literature.


Anna Górka PhD

Person in charge of bilingual teaching
Magdalena Bobowska MA

  1. Aleksandra Bernatowska-Hadała MA – Biology
  2. Agnieszka Cencora MA – Biology
  3. Anna Górka PhD – Chemistry
  4. Danuta Nowak M.Sc – Chemistry
  5. Magdalena Bobowska MA – English
  6. Elżbieta Buczyńska MA – English
  7. Hubert Maj PhD – Geography
  8. Michał Figura PhD – History & Social Civics
  9. Hashem Sk.Abul M.Sc – Information Technology
  10. Witold Bieńko MA – Physics
  11. Beata Sołczyk MA – Polish
  12. Omar Cardenas MA – Spanish
  13. Alicja Nerc MA – Sport
  14. Łukasz Dudek – Sport, Dane
  15. Grzegorz Kowal MA– Sport

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